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Taitung Household Registration Office

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Our services Items

        1. Household Registration

(1) Identification Registration

 1 Birth Registration

 2 Paternal Identification Registration

 3 Adoption Registration & Termination of Adoption

 4 Marriage / Divorce Registration

 5 Guardianship Registration

 6 Death, Death Declaration Registration

(2) Relocation Registration

 1 Move-In Registration

 2 Move-Out Registration

 3 Address Change Registration

(3) Registration of Initial Household Registry

      1. Birthplace Registration

       2. Change, Correction, Withdraw & Void Registration

       3. Loss, Acquisition, & Reinstatement of Nationality

       4. ID issuance, Handling of duplicate or illogical ID numbers

       5. Issuance of Household Registry

    6. Issuance of Household Certificates & Viewing of Household Registry Data

       7. Seal Registration, Certification, Change and Cancellation

       8. Naming of Roads/Streets

       9. House Numbering, Address Plate Change and Replacement

       10. Issuance of Address Plate Certificates

       11. Issuance of Household Certificates in English


Foreign nationals married to R.O.C. citizen ( Click for detail )
Flow Chart of Naturalization Application and Household Registration of the Republic of China for
Foreign Nationals Married to R.O.C. Citizens.
The document contents:
Process of Application
Institution of Acceptance
Required Documents


Related Laws and Regulations

Household registration

Household Registration Act DOC PDF

Enforcement Rules of the Household Registration Act PDF

The Regulations Governing Marriage Registration in Household Registration Office DOC

The Regulations Governing the Approval of People of Mainland Restoring the nationality of the Republic of China DOC

Operational Directions for Issuing English Household Registration Transcript PDF


Name Act DOC

Enforcement Rules of the Name Act DOC


Nationality Act DOC

Enforcement Rules of the Nationality Act DOC

Charging criteria for Nationality applications DOC

Flowchart for the Application for Naturalization in Marriages between Foreign Nationals and R.O.C. Citizens and Household Registration DOC

List of documents as required for application for nationality alteration Population policy DOC

Charge Standards for Nationality Fees DOC

Population Policy

The ROC Population Policy Guidelines DOC


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